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Katka Rojkova

Yoga is my lifelong interest. I have been practising yoga for about 18 years and for the last 14 years I have been travelling to North India which has become my homeland and source of inspiration. I fully believe in the principles of holistic attitude of yoga, in fact that yoga can help to harmonize our body and spirit, that it can cure different diseases – not only backache, but much more severe illnesses, that by practicing yoga we can improve our physical and mental condition, deepen our life experience and step by step approach wisdom, balance and vigour.

I have been studying yoga in different places. In 2005, I obtained the first international licence to teach yoga in Yoga Vidya Tradition (swami Shivananda) in Germany. In 2007, I studied one-year course „Instructor of III. and II. category“(150 hrs) in the Czech Republic. I became very enthusiastic with Ashtanga Yoga in India where I had the opportunity to stay close to the wonderful teacher and yogi Kamal Singh. My knowledge of Ashtanga Yoga was deepened thanks to the workshop Art of Adjustment and Teacher Training Course of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga (RYA, 200 hrs) in India in 2010. Besides Kamal and my guru swami Hamsananda ji I have also found wonderful guidance in the Czech Republic. When i met brothers Vinay and Vijay Kumar I got to know i met extraordinary teachers and under their guidance i will discover new spheres of yoga.  In 2012 I took TTC  of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga with Vijay Kumar and return every year to deepen the practice and get more knowledge from these wonderful teachers. I had attend ashtanga vinyasa workshops with Bobby Misiti (USA), Andrew Eppler (USA), Georg Wogingen (Austria), Boris Georgiev (Austria) and others. In the year 2016 I studied 6 months Intensive course of Shiatsu Therapy Treatment with physiotherapist Jan Pletanek which had give me again different point of view to the anatomy and principles of therapeutical body movements.

My dear friend Ina inspired me to find a wonderful experience of sharing in partner and acro Yoga. I spend time doing not only physical exercises, but also deepening interest in dhyana (meditation) and yogic philosophy for which India is the profound inspiration. Nowadays, I have started to widen my field of interest by exploring the therapeutical methods and effects of yoga.

For everything I know today I am humbly grateful to my beloved guiders and teachers who patiently and attentively help me to overcome obstacles on the path towards wisdom.

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