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Partner Yoga or Yoga for Two

In Partner Yoga, you do not necessarily have to exercise with your beloved, but with anyone from your close friends with whom you share the interest in yoga. Exercise in pairs is a playful way in which we can improve non-verbal communication, deepen trust and intimacy. On the physical level, we can stretch our body much better than usually as the natural weight of one body intensively influences the other body, and brings the balanced and strong stretching.

After the active part of the workshop, the mutual Thai massage will help you to deepen the relaxation of the whole body, to calm down the mind and to release the tension of muscles and joints. Partner Yoga can be a unique experience of time spent together, full of joy from sharing and healthy movements. The workshop helps us to develop the feeling of solidarity, friendliness and mutual understanding.

Benefits of Partner Yoga:

deepening of flexibility, balance and harmony

improvement of physical and mental steadiness

creative cooperation and understanding

enrichment of non-verbal communication

development of playfulness and friendliness

art of “tuning in” to a partner/friend/family member/child

deepening of mutual respect, kindness and trust

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