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Retreat place

…..and dream became real……

Seated in calm and meditative natural environment this place is to serve as meeting point, for yoga practitioners and for sharing. Those who like to work, experiment and enjoy the body, mind and spirit, will be happy here. Here quite far from daily stereotypes and from city life in quiet and balanced natural place you can go deeper inside, understand multiply principles of yoga practice by your own undisturbed experience and relax yourself.

We offer homely common  stay in newly reconstructed upper part of house, where are mats for sleeping, kitchen for your use and social arrangements. Yogashala is only for about 12 – 14 people to work in small groups – mats, blankets and pillows here. We are pure vegetarian home and expect everybody to respect fully this principle of ahimsa (non-violence). Our life credo is sustainable way of life and we want also to inspire others to the same philosophy. Retreat center in Bela nad Svitavou welcome everybody with deeper interest in yoga for seasonal events. About programme read in section workshops.


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