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Our first step in the Gaiatree Direct Support project was the edition and publication of lunar diaries for the years 2010 and 2011. The diary has been created as a symbolical support to few families from the Hmong tribe, which lives in the North Thailand, and also as an expression of gratitude for the selfless support in a situation each of us can be found. To be robbed of all financial resources is really not a nice experience, especially at the beginning of a journey to a totally unknown place. This unpleasant event has developed into a not intended story and has deepened my relation with Thailand.

I want to thank for the selfless support and hearty welcome to my friends – Arunee, Pang, mr. Jo and other members of the family from the Giant House in Chiang Mai. Thanks to them I also had a chance to peep into the everyday Thai life. Pang is the author of the coloured flaxy covers which are decorated by the embroideries of Hmong tribe people. These unique embroideries are in fact the recycled trimmings from the old traditional clothing. Pang is their keen collector and uses them as covers on her books. This is one of the ways how we can encounter a small piece of an exceptional cultural heritage.

Lunární diář pro rok 2010 s výšivkami žen horského kmene Hmong Pang, autorka přebalů diářů Ženy horského kmene Hmong pomáhají rodinám přivydělat na základní živobytí tvorbou jedinečných výšivek