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Styles of Yoga

Yoga includes a varied number of ways, attitudes and styles. I am, likewise, influenced by couple of yoga directions. I get inspired mostly by the experiences from my long-term stays in mother India, but in the Czech Republic as well are many inspiring yogis who have influenced me and have shaped my perspective of yoga.

I got mostly influenced by the yoga tradition of sri swami Shivananda. My guruji has also originated from this tradition. Swami Shivananda had originally worked as a doctor but he refused worldly life and left to Himalayas where he practised yoga. He has merit in popularization of Yoga in the Western world. He taught the philosophy of Vedanta. Swami Shivananda has created rishikesh style of Hatha Yoga composed of 12 asanas perfectly stretching the spinal cord. He put a lot of emphasis on the therapeutical effects of yoga.

Nowadays, I have been intensively studying the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga whose pioneer in India was K.P. Jois. This method combines a sequence of precisely exercised asanas with a dynamic shift – vinyasa – in between the particular asanas. Ashtanga yoga uses a specific rhythmic breath and body locks. During this practice the body becomes hot and sweaty, which anticipates the detoxification of the body and deeply influences also the human psyche. I also prefer the dynamic attitude in my yoga classes.

Another of my influences was drawn from the traditional Indian school of Siddha Yoga which puts a strong emphasis on the physical purification methods (jala neti, sutra neti, jihva neti, dhauti, agnisar etc.). The dynamic set of 9 exercises according to sri yogiraj Ramlal regenerates the whole body, it has beneficial effects on the human organism and is one of the best pre-liminary steps to more advanced yoga techniques. It improves the physical and mental conditions even of already fit individuals. It influences all levels – physical, mental and spiritual. It is a great help to yogic therapeutical methods.

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